Serial type: Journal
Format: Electronic version
ISSN: 2589-7799 (Online)
Status: Active
Subject code: social and rehabilitation sciences, humanities,
Country: The Netherlands
Start year: 2018
Content type: Academic/Scholarly
Editorial Description: Covers ReAttach Treatment, Psychology, Special Education and Rehabilitation sciences, Disability Studies, Medical Aspects of Disability, Pedagogy, Social Work and Social Policy. The following articles will be considered for publication: original and review articles, short reports, letters to the editor, clinical experiences, surveys of cases, doctoral dissertations, master of arts, editorials, and rapid communications.
Language: English
Key features: Abstracted and Indexed, Refereed, Peer-reviewed.
Editor-in-chief: Dr. Mohammad Nazmul Hasan Maziz
Faculty of Medicine, Bioscience and Nursing, MAHSA University, Bandar Saujana Putra, Jenjarom, 42610 Selangor, Malaysia, Email:;
Frequency: biannual
Publication Fee: 879 USD