Developing Resilience in Managing Stress for Cancer Parents: A Clinical Study

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Bandana Deuri, Ashok Kumar Singh, Sanjana Samaddar


Introduction: Parents of children, who are suffering from major illnesses, including cancer, go through a lot of worry and sorrow. There haven't been many randomized studies that have tested parent-specific psychological therapies.

Objectives: To ascertain if delivering a new interference called promote Resilience in Stress Management for Parents (PRISM-P) independently or in a group is more effective in improving parent-reported resilience than standard medical treatment.

Methods: The PRISM-P is a short, manualized interference that focus on four skills: goal surroundings, stress management, cognitive re-framing, and meaning-making. Every other week, for around 30 to 60 minutes, skills were individually taught to a single person in person for one-on-one delivery. In a single session with at least a pair of parents, the same abilities were taught while delivering instruction to a group of students. Patient-reported outcome questionnaires were completed by respondents at enrolment and three months. In the objective to treat residents, connections among every deliverance method and the main result and secondary outcomes at three months were assessed using linear regression modeling.

Results: 94 parents signed up in total, were assigned randomly to 1 of the 3 groups, and complete baseline questionnaires. The three groups' median ages ranged from 35 to 38, and the majority of the moms were Caucasian and college-educated. Their children ranged in age from 5 to 8 years, with males making up slightly more than half of the population. Leukemia or lymphoma was the most prevalent disease kind.

Conclusions: When compared to standard treatment, the delivery of PRISM-P one-on-one was strongly related with improvement in parent-reported outcomes for resilience and benefit discovery. There were no discernible connections amongst either platform and any other parent-reported consequences.

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