Mughal Court Poetry About Kashmir: Topography, Texts And Pretexts

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Dr. Mohammad Ameen Parray
Ahsan Ul Haq Magray


Mughals formally conquered Kashmir in 1586 during the reign of emperor Akbar. A large corpus of poetry and writings were written about Kashmir during this period. The present paper is an attempt to understand the Mughal imperial imagination about Kashmir through some of the writings available. Theoretically, the paper is guided by Edward Saidian method of reading. Samples from Mughal historiography and poetry would be taken for analysis and interpretation

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Dr. Mohammad Ameen Parray, & Ahsan Ul Haq Magray. (2021). Mughal Court Poetry About Kashmir: Topography, Texts And Pretexts. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 4(1), 50–53.
Author Biographies

Dr. Mohammad Ameen Parray

Sr. Assistant Professor of English, North Campus, University of Kashmir

Ahsan Ul Haq Magray

Research Scholar, Department of English, University of Kashmir


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