The Potential Ecosystem For Creative Strategy With Technopreneruship With Raci Analysis: Case Study In WAE Rebo, Flores, NTT

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Ni Wayan Sri Ariyani


Objectives: maintain a cost leadership position with existing innovation product to the traditional and modern market
industry. On the other hand, it might look something like this, such as business leaders, business driven, customer as a
supporter, and accentuates for digitalization.
Methodology: This research is a qualitative research and using an online questionnaire to collect a data. This research
study uses non-probability sampling with purposive sampling. The type of data analysis technique was used is RACI
analysis (Responsible, Accountable, Consultation, and Information) and type of responsibility with assignment matrix for
Results: The results of studies were showed by the new product with innovation trough to the economic market focused
for SDGs. However, this is a reason for assigning business roles, which is a clear idea, strategy by owner, need from each
business team as a work toward a production phase. Absolutely, this will also defined with interaction between competitor,
customer, and company as the strategic with government implementation to catch up market. In this business experience,
there is a critical step to ensure for each business team works together harmoniously through a common end goal.
Novelty: a business keys distinction was a notion prerequisite for innovation, but not necessarily for entrepreneurs in
Waerebo only.

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Ni Wayan Sri Ariyani. (2024). The Potential Ecosystem For Creative Strategy With Technopreneruship With Raci Analysis: Case Study In WAE Rebo, Flores, NTT. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 7(3), 1–5.
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Ni Wayan Sri Ariyani

Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Udayana


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