Assessment Of Pain In Shoulder, Elbow And Wrist In Recreational Badminton Players.

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Sachi Y. Bhuse
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni



Background: As badminton is most commonly played in India and the fastest racquet sport it demands for quick movements. The injuries are common in recreational players because they are not trained as compared to professional players. Badminton has an injury rate of 1 to 7/1000 hours per person of playing time. In  badminton, players are more susceptible to certain musculoskeletal problems due to the sport's dynamic character, abrupt accelerations and decelerations. In the course of the game both, severe traumatic events and overuse injuries fall under this category. The game requires participants to accomplish challenging motions with frequent posture adjustments causing pain in upper limb. 

Objective: The objective of the study was To assess the shoulder , elbow, wrist injuries in recreational badminton players and to find the most prevalent  region of disorder among recreational badminton players

Method: recreational badminton players were selected bases on inclusion criteria and then an consent was taken from all the players participation in the study Out of which 68% were male and 32% were females. The consent form was filled and. The demographic data was collected for each participant and the purpose of the study was explained to all the participants. Their responses were collected using western Ontario shoulder instability index, patient rated elbow evaluation an patient rated wrist evaluation which was administered to the players using google forms on a 10 point rating scale ranging from no pain as 0 and severe as 10. And the responses were noted down. 

Results: Out of total 100 participants 45% players had moderate pain and 40% had severe pain at wrist joint causing pain as compared to shoulder and elbow.

Conclusion: The study concludes that in recreational badminton players wrist is the most prevalent region of pain as compared to shoulder and elbow 

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Sachi Y. Bhuse, & Dr. Madhur Kulkarni. (2024). Assessment Of Pain In Shoulder, Elbow And Wrist In Recreational Badminton Players . Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 7(3), 11–18.
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Sachi Y. Bhuse

Physiotherapy Intern, PIMS, DU, Loni, Maharashtra, 413736.

Dr. Madhur Kulkarni

Assistant Professor, Department of kinesiotherapy and Physiotherapy, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam College of Physiotherapy Loni, Maharashtra, 413736 India


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