What is ReAttach?

ReAttach is a brief psychological intervention that helps to decrease psychological distress and sensory over-responsiveness by optimization of the processing of negative affect. Besides that, ReAttach enhances multiple sensory integration, mentalization, and replaces maladaptive patterns by self-awareness, self-regulation, active coping styles, and resilience.

ReAttach is very beneficial for patients who struggle with negative feelings towards themselves, others, and the world. ReAttach helps to promote calmness and connectedness.

ReAttach is a trans-diagnostic intervention provided in a broad range of clinical neuropsychiatric disorders to decrease primary symptomatology. Furthermore, by training affect regulation, multiple sensory integrations, and cognitive bias modification, ReAttach can be used as a first therapy creating optimal conditions for further treatment.

Wiring Affect with ReAttach (W.A.R.A.) is a small exercise used by ReAttach therapists to help patients with sensory over-responsiveness, chronic pain, or emotion regulation problems. W.A.R.A. is usually provided by a therapist in a face to face contact.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a simplified version of W.A.R.A. was used as a self-regulation tool that can be provided by a therapist through remote training.

Drs. Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus