Cognitive Well-Being and Psychological Assistance after Disasters in Southeast Asia

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Fariza Saidin, Poonam Sharma, Raja Sankaran


Background: The cause of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) has become more prominent in the realm of disaster and emergency management. Although its precise degree is unknown, this trend can be seen throughout the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) sector.

Objective: This study suggested the use of psychological support for cognitive well-being in south Asia after disaster.

Methods: A variety of approaches was used to collect data for a study. This strategy involved a mapping exercise where MHPSS actors were asked to provide pertinent paperwork and project descriptions. Between January and November of this year, we completed the mapping project. The majority of the found materials focused on strengthening systems and creating capacity, building resilience and school and child-focused DRR, inclusive DRR, policy development, consensus building, awareness rising, and information dissemination.

Result: The results also showed that formal descriptions, structures, or instructions for integrating MHPSS and DRR are not universally agreed upon. The empirical evidence and existing implementation techniques differed throughout the various domains of action. Statistical and quantitative methods are combined in this analysis to help find these patterns, evaluate quality, and track progress. The study concluded that natural risks outweigh those posed by humans. Asia is the continent with the most disaster occurrences, although only 11% of these incidents were counted in this study.

Conclusion: Finally, research seems to approach disaster organizational development in a reactive rather than proactive manner, yet this method has advantages. It's important to reflect on what this means for the future of disaster preparedness and MHPSS unity, as well as for expanding MHPSS's methodology to incorporate pre-disaster development.

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