Social Wellness Approaches Used During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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J. Dorasamy, R. Bhagwan


The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic affected every dimension of human wellness. The various protocols implemented to mitigate the spread of the pandemic had significant effects on the wellness dimension relating to physical wellness. This study explored the social wellness challenges experienced by some families in Melbourne, Australia, during the COVID-19 pandemic and the strategies they used as they transitioned through the pandemic. The study framed three possible inductive themes aligned to the impact of COVID-19 on specific aspects of social wellness, pathways to the management of social wellness during COVID-19, and critically analyzing recommended changes to social wellness by the families in the study. The study findings indicated that, the pandemic had both positive and negative effects on the social wellness of the families. The strategies of the families are worthy of notice, for future approaches to deal with any pandemic. It is expected that the proper implementation of the proposed strategies will significantly contribute toward social wellness for individuals and families facing social wellness challenges.

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