Comprehensive and Psychology Review of PM-JAY Performance in the Opinion of Man Power Key Stakeholders- Health and Hospital

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N. S. Prakash, Geetha E, N. S. Viswanath


A highly ambitious community healthcare programme by name PM-JAY was rolled out in India during September 2018 as a part of Ayushman Bharat initiative. The scheme offered significant increase in amount of cover over previous schemes apart from targeting five hundred million people. As it offered increased cover of INR half a million per family for inpatient treatment per year, naturally required huge amount of resources. In the background of challenges experienced by previous healthcare programmes and since the programme has now completed almost 4 years, it becomes necessary to evaluate the programme delivery through the opinion of two most critical stakeholders who are Health and Hospitals Departments. The researcher had done an exhaustive primary survey of beneficiaries earlier. Later, to have 360 degree check on end to end basis, the critical stakeholders were approached which is part of this article. One hundred health department officials and one hundred hospital officials in the state of Karnataka are interviewed through well drafted instrument containing 20 questions each. Independent sample t-test and one way ANOVA was employed to test the framed hypothesis on 5 variables from both the departments. The survey broadly indicates that, the performance of the scheme is reasonably good but there are few areas which require improvement in terms of providing the access to these benefits and improve the delivery of the benefits. The results also indicate that, the eligibility norms to be redefined for including all deserving poor people to avail the benefits. The results of hypothesis differ based on demographic variables. While the coverage of INR half million is good amount, the access to facilities is limited and man power with necessary infrastructure needs to be scaled up substantially. The improvement in awareness amongst beneficiaries will advance the success ratio further.

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N. S. Prakash, Geetha E, N. S. Viswanath. (2023). Comprehensive and Psychology Review of PM-JAY Performance in the Opinion of Man Power Key Stakeholders- Health and Hospital. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(10s(2), 240–256. Retrieved from