The Psychological Effect of Spirituality on Work Output of Employees in the Service Sector of India

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Chhavi Goel, Amit Seth


These days, there is a rising interest in spirituality in management. Spirituality is an inner consciousness, a transcending experience that is unique to each person. Spirituality is examined in this study by four indicators: peace and harmony, spiritual connections, a feeling of community, and mindfulness. Its impact has been noticed on employee production, teamwork performance, and the incorporation of spirituality into employees' capacities.

 A questionnaire was created, and a trial survey of 40 people was conducted. Its dependability and validity are examined, and it is then This questionnaire was used to obtain primary data. A sample of 424 working employees from the Delhi NCR service industry was obtained. Data was gathered by mail, personal interviews, and visits to various spiritual organisations.

Exploratory Factor Analysis was performed using SPSS-20 software to investigate the latent components. A data reduction approach is employed. Seven components with eigenvalues larger than one were verified using PCA. Structure Equation Modelling was utilised in conjunction with the AMOS-20 programme to assess the relationship between Spirituality and Work output and spiritual integration. Confirmatory Factor Analysis is used to validate the factors that have been investigated.

A separate model is created to test the hypothesis, and the regression weight of distinct constructs measures the link between different components. To assess the model fit, several metrics of goodness of fit, such as GFI, AGFI, NFI, CFI, RFI, and badness of fit, such as RMSEA, were used.

 According to the findings of this study, there is a beneficial relationship between spirituality and work output the incorporation of spirituality into employee capacities.

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