Techno-Pedagogical Competence among the B.Ed. Trainees

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S. Raveendran, I. Muthuchamy


Techno-Pedagogical Competence can play a major role for teachers in their professional growth and for shaping the future of the nation. The level of achievement of learner is determined by teacher’s techno-pedagogical competence. In student centric classrooms, the role of the teacher changes to that of a facilitator and as a resource person. With the use of technology, the teacher can extend his/ her role beyond the classroom. Teacher education institutions also need to develop strategies and plans to enhance the teaching-learning process within teacher education programmes and to assure that all future teachers are well prepared to use the new tools for learning. So, a lot of efforts should be made to improve the teacher’s education. This study aimed to assess the Techno-Pedagogical Competence among B.Ed. Trainees in Pudukkottai District. It was adopted by normative survey technique; this study was conducted with the sample of 275B.Ed. Trainees from various Colleges of Education. A scale on Techno-Pedagogical Competence Scale (TPCS) was developed by the investigators. Descriptive and differential statistics were used for the analysis of the data. The findings revealed that the level of Techno-Pedagogical Competence among student-teachers was found to be at average. The Science optional B.Ed. Trainees have better than the Language optional B.Ed. Trainees towards Techno-Pedagogical Competence, besides Techno-Pedagogical Competence among Rural area B.Ed. Trainees was low, when comparing with urban B.Ed. Trainees. Alternatively, the demographic variables like Gender and Educational Qualification do not differ significantly with respect to their Techno-Pedagogical Competence.

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