Anxieties and Psychological Concerns of Teachers about Outcome-Based Education

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Claire Anne A. Olivares


This research required to define the anxieties of teachers at state universities in Tarlac province about outcomes-based education (OBE). Descriptive research design was used; A two-part questionnaire was used as the chief instrument of data collection. In this research, frequency counts, ratios, and weighted averages were used to statistically treat the data collected. According to the investigation of the data collected, it was got that in expressions of instructional preparation, teachers recognized 1) absence of time to make for an OBE-aligned plan, 2) limited guidance from specialists on making an OBE-aligned syllabi, and 3) absence of practice  in writing OBE-aligned programs as problematic obstacles. In expressions of real teach, the three chief problematic obstacles defendants encountered were 1) large classroom sizes making it problematic to use a variety of teach policies, 2) diverse student features requiring too much difference in teach rules, 3) absence of time to implement a change of teach rules. In expressions of evaluation, the three main problematic obstacles recognized were 1) large class sizes making it problematic to use outcomes-based evaluation, 2) absence of time to grade many scholar outcomes, and 3) the absence of practice  on the findings. -evaluation based on.

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