Gastronomy and Tourism: A Psychological Analysis of the Role of Gastronomy in Tourism

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Gayatri Devi Baruah, Veenus Jain


There is a famous saying that goes “We are what we eat”- which implies that food is something that not only gives us nourishment and fuels our body, but the food is a symbol of identity. Food is an important part of our cultural heritage. Culinary cultures, including food habits, cooking methods, use of different ingredients, history of origin, and significance of a specific dish or cuisine are an important part of every culture across the world. In the era of globalization where traditions are getting fused with modernity, it is impacting the regional culinary cultures as well. But within this process of fusion, efforts are also being made to promote traditional culinary cultures. Tourism is an effective way to promote local cultures. Local cuisines and even local products could be showcased to the visitors. Gastronomic tourism which is becoming popular helps destinations to develop based on food. Psychology influences the decision-making of the tourist. On one hand, it influences the tourist’s motivation to travel, and the choice of a destination, the perception, and attitude towards it. On the other, by understanding tourist psychology, the destination could prepare as per their requirement to provide them with a satisfying and memorable experience. This paper aims to understand the interrelation between gastronomy and tourism and a psychological analysis of gastronomy’s role in tourism development.

 Keywords: Gastronomy, Tourism, Food, Food culture, Psychology, Tourist.

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