Construction and Standardisation of Digital Attitude Scale

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jesudass. M, M. Mirunalini


Education no longer has to be limited by time or place, and technological advancements may make it possible for those with special needs to get the educational opportunities they need.Although openness and positive attitudes toward the use of digital technology in education are not explicitly mentioned in any other frameworks, they appear to be significant dimensions of teachers' digital competence given the significance of perceived digital competence as a predictor of teachers' technology use.The present study was intended to test the Attitude towards Digital tools as attitude plays a key role in exploiting digital tools in the classroom. The investigator created the Attitude towards digital tools of B.Ed trainees scale (ATDTS) after carefully examining the results of a literature search. It was standardized using statistical measures which discussed and displayed in the article. The standardized tool will be used for the doctoral research study undertaken by the investigator

Keywords: Attitude, Construction of Scale, Standardization of Scale, Digital Tools,B.Ed Trainees

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