Dimensions for Achievement in Biology Inventory at Higher Secondary Level -Construction and Validation

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S. Sabina Jose, A. Edward William Benjamin


The main purpose of the present study is to develop a research tool to measure the dimensions for achievement in biology. The study has been conducted to investigate the dimensions forstudents’achievement in biology of higher secondary level in Madurai District. The sample consists of 90 higher secondary level students studying 11th standard. The investigator has adopted normative survey method for the present study. The investigator used dimensions of Interest, Motivation, Attitude, School Environment, Teachers Efficiency, Class Room Environment, Study Skills, Study Habits and Future Careerin this study while constructing the tool. Data was collected by using questionnaire of 60 self-constructed tool.  The tool was subjected to item analysis using t test.  Test-retest (Repetition) method was used to find the reliability of the tool.The value of correlation co-efficient shows that there is high positive degree of correlation between the two tests as 0.809 and 0.868. The intrinsic validity of achievement in biology inventory is 0.809. The final tool of 43 statements on a five point rating scale based on Likert’s type. This research tool would significantly contribute to the stakeholders to improve students’ achievement in biology

Keywords:-Dimensions, Achievement in Biology Inventory,Higher Secondary Level

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