Utilizing Traditional Game-Pallanguzhi as a tool to Enhance the Basic Arithmetic Skill of Children with Mathematical Difficulties

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M. Prabavathy, R. Sivaranjani


Early childhood is a critical time for children to develop the fundamental mathematical thinking and knowledge needed for excellence in education and employment in the future. The comprehension of numerical concepts is a crucial mathematical skill to cultivate in the early stages of childhood. This understanding lays the groundwork for children to master formal mathematics and achieve life-changing mathematical skills. Children diagnosed with mathematical difficulties experience challenges when it comes to acquiring and applying fundamental arithmetic skills in their daily lives. The conventional instructional approach fails to address the specific requirements of this particular group of students. There exists a need for the implementation of a pedagogical approach that incorporates multiple sensory modalities in order to facilitate the acquisition of fundamental mathematical concepts among children with mathematical disabilities. With this perspective in mind, the researcher has chosen to investigate Pallanguzhi, a traditional game of Tamil Nadu that effectively utilizes various sensory stimuli as a means to impart fundamental mathematical concepts.

The current investigation was undertaken to scrutinize the impact of employing the conventional game Pallanguzhi as an educational instrument in enhancing the foundational mathematical abilities of children diagnosed with Mathematical Difficulties. The study's sample consisted of twelve children exhibiting symptoms of Mathematical Difficulties.  Single group sampling approach and purposive sampling strategy were used. The intervention was administered over duration of two months, utilizing a play-based activity approach tailored to the participants' individual learning modalities. The outcome of the study showed that traditional games like Pallanguzhi improve children's math skills and make learning a fun-filled activity. The study proposes that incorporating traditional games into educational settings can serve as an effective tool for promoting learning in an enjoyable manner.

Keywords:  Mathematical Difficulties, Traditional games, Basic arithmetic skill

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M. Prabavathy, R. Sivaranjani. (2023). Utilizing Traditional Game-Pallanguzhi as a tool to Enhance the Basic Arithmetic Skill of Children with Mathematical Difficulties. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(10s(2), 1117–1129. Retrieved from https://jrtdd.com/index.php/journal/article/view/1518