The Use of Authentic Films in the Teaching of English Language in Upper Courses and Its Psychological Effects

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Zahra Gahramanova


It is possible forming the training process more efficiently and achieves higher training outcomes by using authentic films in the auditorium. Methodists believe that teaching a foreign language as a specialized language by using authentic films, instead of a foreign language environment, it creates great opportunities for students to become more familiar with the culture of their native speakers, the sociocultural space in which they live and use language as a means of real communication. Authentic materials in teaching business English are not only useful for students. Teachers also take advantage of authentic materials. It is suggested that authentic materials help teachers in planning and designing the educational curriculum. These materials are considered useful because they allow teachers to create an educational curriculum based on the needs of students. Authentic materials provide teachers with sources of contemporary languages such as English, German, French, and introduce students to real life outside the classroom. Through authentic materials, we understand the language of real-life beggars for real listeners.

Beside all these, the article shows that films should be widely used in the teaching of specialized language in the faculties of language. The films which presented to the students should be authentic and should be selected in the frame of their age, intellectual and knowledge levels of the students. The students' national-cultural affiliation, the socio-cultural context in which the training takes place must be taken into consideration when choosing films. Films should be neither too easy nor too difficult, both in terms of content and language. Working in this direction should be start from the initial stage of education, and should be carried out in a purposeful, systematic, step-by-step manner, following the principles of simple to complex.

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