Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty in Hotels of Mountain Province, Cordillera, Philippines

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Edgar G. Cue, Denmark P. Butic, Karen Butz-Cue


Mountain Province remains a top tourism destination in the Cordillera region in Northern Philippines owing to its natural sceneries, cultural heritage, and historical significance. This paper assessed the guest satisfaction and loyalty in hotels of Mountain Province. Using quantitative descriptive cross-sectional study, it surveyed 111 local and foreign hotel guests in established and accredited hotels in select towns of the province. Data gathered were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results revealed that majority of hotel guests are male, Filipinos, middle-aged adults who are either less than 30 years old or 31-40 years old and has stayed for 4-6 times every year. Generally, the guests are ‘moderately satisfied’ with the services and amenities of the hotels including reception/front desk, guestroom, restaurant and bar, ambiance, safety, and service quality. Across three dimensions of loyalty, the guests are ‘moderately satisfied’ with behavioral and attitudinal loyalty while they are ‘slightly satisfied’ with composite loyalty. In summary, the hotel guests are ‘moderately satisfied’ as to the different hotel services and are also loyal to these hotels. When grouped across demographic profiles, there exist statistical differences in overall satisfaction level of guests in terms of age and guest type. Similarly, there is a relationship with the satisfaction level of hotel guests with their age and their nationality/guest type. A statistical difference also exists in terms of quality of service and guest satisfaction when grouped as to age and guest type. Surprisingly, there is no statistical difference in terms of guest loyalty when grouped across profiles. From these, interventions from government agencies are recommended to strengthen service delivery. Further studies may be conducted exploring the different experiences between and among the different age groups as well as between local and foreign guests.

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Edgar G. Cue, Denmark P. Butic, Karen Butz-Cue. (2023). Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty in Hotels of Mountain Province, Cordillera, Philippines. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(10s(2), 1219–1233. Retrieved from