Effectiveness of Shock Wave Therapy Versus Intermittent Mechanical Traction On Mechanical Low Back Pain and Disabilities

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Ahmed A. Abd El Rahim
Reham E. Hamoda
Andrew Anis Fakhrey Mosaad
Nadia Mohamed Abdelhakiem
Safi M Mahmoud
Ahmed Barakat Bekheet


Background: Mechanical low back pain is serious physical and social health problem. Purpose: To examine impact of shock wave therapy versus intermittent mechanical traction on mechanical LBP, and disabilities. Subjects: 60 mechanical LBP male studied cases years old 20-35 years were assigned randomly into 3 groups, Picked up from Sohag university orthopedic hospital outpatient clinic. Methods: (Study Group) A: 20 studied cases underwent shock wave therapy plus conventional physical therapy. (Study Group) B: twenty studied cases underwent intermittent mechanical traction plus conventional physical therapy. (Control Group) C: 20 patients underwent conventional physical therapy alone. Three sessions were applied weekly for four weeks. Pain was quantified using McGill Pain Questionnaire, Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire was used for measuring disability, and the ROM was evaluated by (BROM) device before as well as after treatment. Results: Groups (A, B & C) found a reduction in pain & disability & rise in their in flexion and extension ROM after end of 4 weeks of program. Mean values of pain scale after therapy were 15.3, 9.47, and 23.07 in groups A, B, & C. mean values of Disability scale after therapy were 8.44, 4.87, 11.8in groups A, B & C. mean values of ROM of flexion were 25.53, 29.06, & 23.9 in groups A, B & C. mean values of ROM of extension were 11.73, 15.53 & 9.85 in groups A, B & C. studied cases who received intermittent mechanical traction & conventional physical therapy (group B), found reduction in pain & disability & improvement in ROM of flexion & extension value (P<0.001) after therapy program. Conclusion: Shock wave therapy and intermittent mechanical traction, as well as conventional physical treatment, can be beneficial in studied cases with mechanical LBP.

Keywords: Shock wave therapy – intermittent mechanical traction - mechanical low back pain.

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Ahmed A. Abd El Rahim, Reham E. Hamoda, Andrew Anis Fakhrey Mosaad, Nadia Mohamed Abdelhakiem, Safi M Mahmoud, & Ahmed Barakat Bekheet. (2023). Effectiveness of Shock Wave Therapy Versus Intermittent Mechanical Traction On Mechanical Low Back Pain and Disabilities. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(8s), 740–746. https://doi.org/10.53555/jrtdd.v6i8s.1928
Author Biographies

Ahmed A. Abd El Rahim

Lecturer of Physical Therapy, Department of Basic Science, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Merit University, Sohag, Egypt.

Reham E. Hamoda

Lecturer of Physical Therapy, Department of Physical Therapy for Woman's Health, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University. Giza, Egypt.

Andrew Anis Fakhrey Mosaad

Lecturer of Physical Therapy, Department of Physical Therapy for Integumentary, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Merit University, Sohag, Egypt.

Nadia Mohamed Abdelhakiem

Lecturer of Physical Therapy Department of neuromuscular disorders and its surgery Faculty of Physical Therapy Deraya University, Minia, Egypt.

Safi M Mahmoud

Lecturer of Physical Therapy, Department of pediatrics, College of Allied Health Sciences, Jerash University, Jerash, Jordan

Ahmed Barakat Bekheet

Colleague of Physical Therapy for orthopedic at Elsahel teaching hospital, Cairo, Egypt.


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