Special Issue on Advances in Exploring the Intersection of Psychology, Education, and Rehabilitation: Promoting Holistic Well-being and Inclusive Practices

Language: English

Topics for the Special Issue:

Psychological Assessment and Intervention in Educational Settings:
This topic focuses on innovative approaches to psychological assessment and intervention within educational environments. Contributions may include studies on the efficacy of interventions, development of assessment tools, and strategies for supporting diverse learners.

Promoting Mental Health and Well-being in Schools:
This topic explores practices, programs, and policies aimed at promoting mental health and well-being among students, teachers, and school staff. Submissions may cover topics such as stress management, resilience building, mindfulness practices, and inclusive approaches to supporting mental health in educational settings.

Inclusive Education and Special Needs:
This topic delves into inclusive practices in education, specifically concerning students with special needs. Manuscripts may address topics such as inclusive curriculum development, effective teaching strategies, assistive technologies, and creating supportive learning environments for students with diverse abilities.

Psychosocial Development and Educational Outcomes:
This topic examines the relationship between psychosocial development and educational outcomes across different stages of education. Contributions may explore factors such as self-esteem, motivation, social-emotional skills, and their impact on academic achievement, career development, and overall well-being.

Rehabilitation and Educational Interventions for Individuals with Disabilities:
This topic focuses on rehabilitation and educational interventions aimed at improving the quality of life and educational experiences for individuals with disabilities. Submissions may cover topics such as occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical rehabilitation, and assistive technology in educational settings.

Socio-Emotional Learning and Character Education:
This topic explores the role of socio-emotional learning and character education in promoting holistic development among students. Manuscripts may discuss effective strategies for fostering social skills, empathy, moral reasoning, and ethical behavior within educational contexts.

Psychosocial Factors in Educational Settings:
This topic examines the influence of psychosocial factors, such as peer relationships, family dynamics, and school climate, on educational experiences and outcomes. Submissions may include research on bullying prevention, family involvement in education, and creating supportive school environments.

Teacher Training and Professional Development:
This topic focuses on teacher training programs and professional development initiatives aimed at enhancing educators' competencies in supporting the psychological, educational, and rehabilitation needs of diverse learners. Contributions may cover topics such as inclusive pedagogy, cultural competency, and teacher well-being.

Technology-Enhanced Learning and Psychological Perspectives:
This topic explores the integration of technology in educational settings from a psychological standpoint. Manuscripts may discuss the impact of digital tools, online learning platforms, and virtual reality on learning, motivation, engagement, and cognitive development.

Transition and Career Development:
This topic examines the challenges and opportunities associated with transitions within educational and rehabilitation contexts, including school-to-work transitions, career counseling, and vocational rehabilitation. Submissions may address issues such as career decision-making, job readiness, and workplace accommodations.

Note: These topics are broad and can be further refined based on the specific focus and scope of the journal.

Published: 2023-07-14

Unveiling The Spectrum: A Comprehensive Review Of Mental Health Assessment And Support In Pediatrics

Prof. R. Sreeraja Kumar, Mr. Ajab Singh Choudhary, Ms. Shriti David, Ms. Smita Singh, Prof (Dr.) Jibin Varghese, Dr. Ghanshyam Patidar, Ms. Niharika Tiwari


Bipolar Affective Disorder In 10year Old Boy: A Case Report On Mania

Dr Shilpa, Dr Vikas Kumar, Dr Seikhoo Bishnoi


The importance of Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) in Physiotherapy: A Review of Literature

Abhishek Kumar Sandilya, Divya Kashyap, Arunmozhi, Meghna Wadhwa, Vishal Verma


Design And Development Of Generic Formulation By Applying Reverse Engineering Approach

Raut R. L., Chaus W. N., Kalyankar T. M., Gattani S. G.


Black Rice As Potential Superfood-A Review

Mrs. Preeti Dhankhar, Dr. Parvinder Kaur


A Review On Medicinal Plants Uses For Various Types Of Cancer

Raj Kumar Bera, Subhasish Dutta, Piyasha Bhadra, Gargi Debnath, Chandrima Dutta, Tripti Pal, Kush Biswas, Dillip Kumar Sahoo


Prevalence Of Deep Vein Thrombosis In Individuals Suffering From Fractures Of The Intertrochantric Femur

Dr. Anant Akash, Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Dr. Kumar Shasi Kant, Dr. Rahul Saket


Enhancing Security In Blockchain Technology: A Comprehensive Study

Sudhanshu Verma, Mayur Srivastava, Shan-e-Fatima, Suman Kumar Mishra


Smartphone Strain: Investigating The Effects on Handgrip and Key Pinch Strength in Collegiate Individuals

Farha Parveen, Gunjan Rathi, C S Ram, Bhawna Sharma, Nilofar Rasheed, Jyoti Yadav, Suchin Tyagi


A Study To Assess Psychological Status And Behavioural Changes Among HIV/AIDS Affected Orphans-A Cross Sectional Study

Dr Pavan Kulkarni, Dr Sudha Bala, Dr Sushma Katkuri, Dr Deeksha Tiwari, Dr Rajit Pokkula, Dr Rishabh Chormalle, Dr Shrikanth Muralidharan


Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction Of Employees In Manufacturing Sector

Dhara Singh, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Dr. Manoj Kumar Meet


Effectiveness of Shock Wave Therapy Versus Intermittent Mechanical Traction On Mechanical Low Back Pain and Disabilities

Ahmed A. Abd El Rahim, Reham E. Hamoda, Andrew Anis Fakhrey Mosaad, Nadia Mohamed Abdelhakiem, Safi M Mahmoud, Ahmed Barakat Bekheet


Exploring Factors Influencing First Birth Intervals In Manipur, India

Md. Abdul Latif, Ch. Shyamkesho Singh, N. Sharat Singh


"Psychological Confidence by AI: Enhancement Quality & Future of Mobility For People With Disabilities of Neurological Impairment"

Ajay Sudhir Bale, Rajdeep Singh Solanki, V. Mouneswari, Sanjay Sanamdikar, Payal Gulati, Priyank Udaybhai Trivedi


Examining the Prevalence and Impact of Physical Violence from a Psychological Perspective

Vijay Saigal, Sr., Kanchal Gupta, Nitan Sharma, Kartika Bakshi, Sheetal Singh, Rupendra Singh


The Role of Psychological Association between Well-Being and Human Behaviour

Buddhaditya Padhi, Deepika HP, Lata Agarwal, Libin Babu, Brajaballav Kar, Shashank K. Atri


Psychological, Economical, Privacy and Personnel Impacts of Cybercrime: Is Cyber Crime Exploits Technology and Digital Platforms

Abhinav Tomer, Jitendra Kumar Gautam, Jyotish Kumar Gupta, Harshita Singh, Abhinav Deshwal


Psychology and Philosophy of Tribes’ Community towards Revising Inner Line Prevailing from Colonial Era and Factors Affecting Their Life Entity

Ankita Borgohain, Swakshyar Saurav Talukdar, Mohammed Hasan Ali Al-Abyadh, Indrajit Patra, Vijaylakshmi, Babudhan Tripura


Amalgamating Happiness to Learning - Through Games

Shailaja S, Alka Muddgal, Mandeep Kaur


Effects of Performance and Target Pressure on the Psychological Well-Being of Corporate Employees

Priya J, Pushpa Machani, Isaac Tweneboah Agyei, N. V. S. Suryanarayana, S. Thandayuthapani, Melanie Lourens


A Psychological Approach to Promote Climate Change and Sustainable Economic Development Using Information and Communication based Application

Diwakar Chaudhary, Vipluv Pathak, Kriti Swarup, Mukul Pratap Singh, Rashi Baliyan, Priyanka Chauhan


Psychological Analysis of Effectiveness of Google Classroom in Acceptance Model

Rona A. Sy, Merlyn N Luza, Jergen Jel C. Labaria, Arlene P. Madrio, Geraldine M. Baja, Dennis O. Polinar


Psychology behind Improving Student Outcomes and Learning Environment Using GIS Classroom

Marilyn T. Rosero, Maria Loreen G. Borgonia, John Louie S. Marasigan, Elaine Yunting Bandigan, Marie Christelle T. Rubio, Risalyn M. Bureros


The Psychological Role of Covid-19 in the Trend towards the Digital Economy in Jordan

Amer Abdulkarim Ibrahim Al-Majali, Mohammad Enaizan Al sharairi, Heba Abdulkarim Ibrahim Al-Majali


The Effect of Intermittent Fasting on Psychological Wellbeing among Disabled Individuals versus Able-Bodied Peers

Hasan Al Oran, Tamara Farash, Rahaf Baqleh, Haneen Hazza’ Obaidallah, Harran Al-Rahamneh


The Effect of a Family Counseling Program in Reducing Stress in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nahla Mohammed Al-quran, MaramJaser Salem Bani Salameh, Mohammad Nasser Mohammad Alradi


Psychology Impact of Design-Based Students during Covid-19 Pandemic in Malaysia

Rostam Yaman, Fatin Aziz, Farrah Zuhaira Ismail, Noraini Ahmad, Muhammad Fuad Abdullah, Mohamad Pirdaus Yusoh, Faezah Pardi, SitiAekbal Salleh


Electronic Addiction among Kindergarten Children: A Psychological Study

Shahad Abbas Obaid Al-Shiblawi, Kalthoom Abd Aon Raddam


Examining Learner Independence in the Online Classroom for Improved Learning Outcomes

Bro.Jose Arnold L. Alferez, Aurizia Duhah Siraji, Jergen Gel C. Labaria, Radam Jumadil Yusop, Sanny Maglente, Fahad A. Salendab


Investigating the Psychological Influence of an Augmented Reality Application on E-Learning amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Examination of College Students in Asia

Salome Sharon Cagbabanua-Yap, Girlie C. Petiluna, Chelo M. Bunao, Ivo Mathew M. Siaton, Kathyrene E. Labao, Joel John A. Dela Merced


Exploring the Connections between Epistemological Beliefs, Worldviews, and Psychological Self-Efficacy of Preservice Science Teachers

Mary Joy M. Bejerano, Betcieva Garcia Rada, Cinder Dianne L. Tabiolo, Ciel Honee C. Cajocon, Maria Shiela Cantonjos-Maglente, Dennis O. Polinar


The Relationship between Renal Impairment and Specific Laboratory Markers: A Comprehensive Investigation Focusing on Athletes.

Lena A. Asaad, Anmar A. Al-Shimary, Marwah A. AL-Azzawi, Abdullah Salim Al-Karawi, Khetam H. Rasool


Association between Virtual Reality Distraction on Anxiety and Pain in Primary Schoolchildren during Infection Dental Anesthesia

Shahad Jamal Al-Falahi, Luma Musa Ibrahim, Raghad H Al-Ani, Rehab Tahseen alhayo, Iman I. AL-Sheakli


The Prerequisites of Sustainable Architecture for the Psychological Well-Being of the Older Adults: A Case Study of Inclusive Tourist Destinations

Aasia Kamyab Khan, Radhwa Amjed Al-Mulla, Ehsan Reza, Saeid Motevalli, Richard Peter Bailey, Mansor Abu Talib


Psychological Perspectives on the Three Phases of In-Person Instruction: Preparing-to-Teach, Initial-Explanation, and Interaction

Jograce E. Regencia, Ricky B. Acanto, Geneluz D. Bermejo, Elejo Libosada Candelario, Rochel A. Ranes, Gemma S. Orosca


Evaluating the Metacognitive Strategies of Selected College Students in a Higher Education Institution in Cavite, Philippines: A Psychological Perspective

Rowena Vargas-Isidro, Elbert M. Galas, Halimah B. Macada-ag, Joel John A. Dela Merced, Angel H. Espiritu, Jr., Ethel Reyes-Chua


Ethical Issues Faced by Psychologists in Medical Settings and Ways to Deal with Them

Anindita Mukherjee, R. Kanakalakshmi, Golda Sahaya Rani. R, S. Karthika, M. R. Suchitra


A Psychological Study into the Virtues that are Important for a Psychiatric Nurse

Nathiya K, Charisma S. Ututalum, Monika Devi NR, M. R. Suchitra, R. Bhuvana Sai


Application of Wearable Technologies and Devices in Fostering Better Rehabilitation through Telemonitoring and Telerehabilitation

Amrita Sarkar, Gaurav Bhatnagar, Shital Ghule Phad, Sandesh Londhe, Pramod Baliram Gaysamudre


Use of Dual-Task Balance Training among Athletes for Better Performance

Gaurav Bhatnagar, Risha Kamble, Sandesh Londhe, Vishvnath S. Pawadshetty, Madhura Deshpande


Application of Ai Tools for Better Rehabilitation Purposes

Harshith Babu, Smitha Poovathinkal Madhavan, Gopikrishnan Vijayakumar, Mousumi Das, Swathi Gurajala


A Review of Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Techniques for Patients Suffering from Parkinson's Disease

S. Karthika, S Parthasarathy, Semmal Syed Meerasa, K Jaiganesh, M. R. Suchitra


Pro-Social Stimulation based on Behavior Problems to Develop Children's Social Skills in Kindergarten

Serli Marlina, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Isnarmi Moeis, Solfema, Dadan Suryana