The Influence of Demographic Variables in Virtual Team Effectiveness

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R. Arunadevi
Dr. G. S. Subashini


Akshata Bilagi (2023)[1] mentioned that the COVID-19 outbreak and the regulations against social distance have caused many firms to convert to a virtual workplace. As more companies use remote teams, it's critical to first understand the particular needs and characteristics of virtual teams. Through the analysis of various peer-reviewed articles and other texts, this study highlights building trust, effective communication, and performance management as the main areas of attention in order to ensure the efficacy of virtual teams. The global software development industry has taken the lead in implementing cutting-edge setups and strategies for remote teamwork in the digital age employing information and communication technologies. The interaction between crises and technological breakthroughs has changed how people work. During the so-called oil crisis of the 1970s, the phrase "teleworking" was originally used to refer to using remote computer technology to access office equipment and avoid driving around in traditional automobiles. Later, with advancements in communications and the widespread adoption of the Internet, the first virtual work teams were adopted in software development organizations from the beginning of the 1990s. Some of the essential characteristics needed to function in this way were already present in these organizations, including clearly defined tasks, cultural variety, and geographical distribution of members, task interdependence, communication, leadership, empowerment, cohesion, confidence, and vitality.

[1] Bilagi, A. (2023). A thematic analysis on a study on effectively managing virtual teams created due to covid-19 pandemic. IJARIIE, 9(3), 3285 - 3295.

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R. Arunadevi, & Dr. G. S. Subashini. (2023). The Influence of Demographic Variables in Virtual Team Effectiveness. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(8s), 754.
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R. Arunadevi

Research Scholar, Department of Business Administration, Annamalai University.

Dr. G. S. Subashini

Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, Annamalai University.