Amalgamating Happiness to Learning - Through Games

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Shailaja S, Alka Muddgal, Mandeep Kaur


Life is as realistic as one perceives. The difference between perception and reality is a tough analysis of all our educational achievements. As children, we were happy in every condition we lived enjoying the company of friends - relatives invariable of the circumstances playing, and corroborating. Along with the happiness,games also taught us many life skills which were absorbed and incorporated implicitly but realised their acquisition only after putting them to use. The happiness of playing gamesamalgamated with learning can help the teachers lays the foundation for learning to learn, create interest in the concepts along with imparting important life skills inculcating the habit of learning from any and every situation paving the way for lifelong learning. Games enhance decision-making abilities, inquisitiveness, practicability, and reasoning ability to be a part of the thought process. Incorporating the concepts of the curriculum into games enthusiasts’ students’ learning along with sharpening their abilities on the subject matter. “Happy to be learning and learning to be happy” - should become the motto of schooling.

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