The Challenges Facing The Blended Education Of Children With Autism Spectrum In The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan From The Teachers Point Of View

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Dr. Mohammad Abdul Salam Al-Bawaleez
Dr. Dolama Mohammad Al-Qatawneh


This present study aimed to know the challenges facing of the blended education of children with autism spectrum in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the teachers point of view, the descriptive analytical method was used, and the study sample consisted of (150) male and female teachers from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan schools in the capital directorate, the questionnaire tool has been built to collect the data it consisted of (32) callouses distributed to (3) dimensions after confirming its validity and stability, the dimensions included challenges of teachers acceptance of the autism spectrum children, and challenges of the normal students accepting the autism spectrum students, challenges facing the students families. Results of the study showed the presence of relation between the study sample individuals answers regarding the challenges dimensions facing the blended education which were high at the total degree the questionnaire, also the results showed the presence of differences with statistical significance for the variables (age, gender, scientific, qualification and years of experience) at all the study callouses. The researcher reached a set of recommendations, the most important the work to build the specialized programs in the blended education field to improve the communicative skills of the children with autism spectrum, and to benefit from the specialists experiences and experiments in the blended education field to be able to establish new strategy through which to activate the blended education for this category.

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Dr. Mohammad Abdul Salam Al-Bawaleez, & Dr. Dolama Mohammad Al-Qatawneh. (2023). The Challenges Facing The Blended Education Of Children With Autism Spectrum In The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan From The Teachers Point Of View. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(10s(2), 1506–1517.
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Dr. Mohammad Abdul Salam Al-Bawaleez

Al-Balqa Applied University

Dr. Dolama Mohammad Al-Qatawneh

Al-Balqa Applied University


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