Published: 2024-01-02

Effect Of Art Therapy On Self-Esteem Among Children In A Selected Orphanage

Ms. Reena K George, Ms. Virgina Varghese, Ms. Siny Kunjukunju, Mrs. Evangeline J


Caregiver Adherence to A Home Exercise Program for The Care of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Diana Lalithabai, Wael M Ammar, Khalid S AlGhamdi, Manal A AlGhouth


Effectiveness Of Ozonated Black Seed Oil On Full-Thickness Skin Defect Healing

Afifah Nur Fahada, Mardelia Nur Fatana, Resti Maryam Wijaya, Hermawan Istiadi, Faizah Fulyani, Muhammad Ali Shobirin, Renni Yuniati, Muhamad Thohar Arifin, Muhammad Nur


Secure MFCC Architecture for health care application

Ferdaous kamoun-abid, Amel Meddeb-Makhoulf, Faouzi Zarai


The Competence To Apply Mindfulness-Based Therapy In Counseling Practice: A Vietnamese Case

Tat Thien Do, Thanh Nghia Lam, Thien Vu Giang, Minh Khoi Nguyen


Using 3Dimensional Teaching in Biomechanics for Physiotherapy Education at Ahfad University for Women, Sudan.

Hassan Abdelnour, Nermeen Bleedy, Abdulmajeed Almalty, Asrar Elkhir, Maria Ayoub