Aims: The special issue aims to bring together research that explores the multidisciplinary approaches to promoting resilience and well-being in individuals who have experienced psychological trauma or stress. The scope of the special issue includes but is not limited to:

  1. Exploration of the relationship between resilience, psychological rehabilitation, and social science theories
  2. Analysis of interventions and strategies that enhance resilience and promote well-being across different contexts and populations
  3. Examination of the role of social support, social networks, and community resources in promoting resilience and well-being
  4. Investigation of the impact of cultural and societal factors on psychological rehabilitation and well-being
  5. Discussion of the ethical considerations in implementing resilience-building interventions and strategies in different contexts.

The special issue aims to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to share their work and perspectives on the multidisciplinary approaches to promoting resilience and well-being. The goal is to generate new knowledge that can inform policy and practice in psychological rehabilitation and social science.

Published: 2023-03-03

Implementing Mindfulness In The Workplace: A New Strategy For Enhancing Both Individual And Organizational Effectiveness

Sharma Khemraj, Dr. Phrakhruvinaithorn Wutthichai Chayawuddho Pettongma, Dr. Phramaha Chakrapol Acharashubho Thepa, Dr. Sneha Patnaik, Prof. Dr. Wann Yih Wu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hsinkuang Chi


Physical Activity, Drinking and Sleep Patterns by Chronic Disease Presence: A Population-Based Study

Youngshin Song, Ancho Lim, Hyunsuk Choi, Sohyun Jin, Nagyeong Kim

38 - 44

The Effect of Physical Activity Experiences and Attitudes on Mood Status in the Elderly and Young Adults

Hye-Young Hwang, Soo-Jin Seo, Heung-Tae Kim, Hyun Kyoung Kim, Hey-Jin Kim

53 - 59

Factors Influencing Resilience of Older Patients with Cancer

Hyo Nam Lim, Doo Ree Kim, Mi Hyang Lee

60 - 70

Comparison of Trunk Muscle Thickness during Bridge and Plank Exercise According to Surface

Yoon Bae, Seok-hwa Jung, Jeongwoo Jeon, Jiheon Hong, Jaeho Yu, Jinseop Kim, Dongyeop Lee

71 - 76

Relative Effects of Mindfulness and Subjective Quality of Life of Medical Trainers and Clients Applying Actor Partner Interdependence Model

Do-Jin Kim, Jong-Hyuck Kim, Kyung-Tae-Eo, Ja-Ok Kim, A-Young Park, Dong-Cheol-Chi, Yong-Gu Kang

83 - 93

Assessment of Validity and Reliability of the Arabic Nursing Core Competencies Scale-70

Diaa K. Abd Ali, Hayder H. Al-Hadrawi, Sadeq A. Al-Fayyadh, Andaleeb M. Abu Kamel, Safi D. Al-Zayadi

207 - 214

Changing Management Trends Being Practiced in the Medium and Large-Scale Firms with Reference to Employee Psychology

Diwakar Chaudhary, Sunil M. Adhav, S Kumaraperumal, Monica Gupta, Heena Vig, Murali V

220 - 223

Nutritional Status Assessment among School-Age Children

Kholoud Hashem Salloum, Fatimah Fadil AL-Hissnawiy, Hussam Youssef Youssef

257 - 264



265 - 269

The Effect of the Cooperative Learning Method in Developing Some Physical Abilities and Learning the Skill of Volleyball Smash Serve

Muqdad Bashir Hussein, Haider H. Jawad, Maher Mohamed Al-Ameri, Husam Abdulkadhim Raheema, Mouayad Abdullah, Mahmood Abdallie Ali

270 - 275

Safety and Efficacy of Middle Lobe Transurethral Resection in Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Rafid fakher Hussein Al husseini, Ahmed Turki Obaid, Ahmed Hamid Abdulhasan Al Aridhee

276 - 282

The Combined use of Metformin and Adalimumab in Iraqi Psoriatic Patients

Ghadah Ali Al-Oudah, Mohammed M. Mohammed, Mustafa G. Al-Abbassi, Zahraa Hasan Zaboon, Ali Ameer Al-Ameedee

292 - 296

A Study on Impact of Emotional Intelligence in Organization Growth and Productivity

Priyanka Agarwal, Dileep M., Saji Geroge, Apurva Bhatnagar

297 - 304

Analyzing the Factors Influencing in Blockchain Innovation in Health Care

Cuddapah Anitha, Anuja Joshi, Vinodray Thumar, Kurian. M. J., P. Viswanath

330 - 337

Supporting Mental Well-Being in the Workplace - A Study

Anil Kumar, Aashish A. Gadgil, KDV Prasad, Naveen Kumar M., Veena Prasad Vemuri

338 - 345

Rehab Patient-Benefitting Through Rural Healthcare Network & Social Policies

Rajesh E., Somanchi Hari Krishna, Veena Prasad Vemuri, Sarika Agarwal, Shekhar Kumar Sahu

364 - 370

Analysing Disability and Mental Well Being Study among Adolescents

Rajesh E., Jetal J. Panchal, Vidya N. Mahendrakar, Kailas Aute, Naveen Kumar M.

371 - 377

Perspectives of Thai Seniors on the Innovative Health Care Robot

Natnaporn Aeknarajindawat, Supattra Pranee, Sodsri Pulphon, Chutirom Suwannapirom

378 - 387