Published: 2022-06-30

Detection Of Urea By Polyaniline Based Modified Sensor With Geranium Particles.

P.N. Choudhari, K.S. Paithankar, More S.T, Ritesh Yadav


Psychology Of The Sexual Politics Of War In Pearl S. Buck’s Dragon Seed

Jacquiline J. Felix, Dr. V. Rejulin Jerin Kumar


A Case-Control Study of Reproductive Factors and Risk of Cervical Cancer in Manipur

Arundhati Devi Maibam, M. Shyamchand Meitei, Ng. Pungfa Singh, Th. Rabikanta Singh, K. Ingocha Singh

180 -185

National Sovereignty and Superpower Domination: Implications for the United Nations’ Role in Collective Security

Akindola, Rufus Boluwaji, Adebayo, Anthony, Abimbola, Oluremi, Egbo, Ken, Ajewole, Philip


Vedic Education And Its Relevance In Modern Education In India: Prospect Of Nep 2020

Suhrid Sinha, Probhati Rajkumari, Juli Sinha, Saurav Sinha, Prithwish Kuri


Use Of Local Language In Folklore

Dr. Mainul Hoque Chaudhury


Nanoencapsulation of Withaferin-A for the Treatment of Neurological Disorder

Sonu Sharma, Dr. Viney Lather, Dr. Vikram Sharma

08 - 27

Respondent Characteristics and Student Health Knowledge About Covid-19

Fitriani Kahar, Widarti, Ririh Jatmi Wikandari

28 - 40

Congenital Anomalies and the Risk Factors in Neonates in Albatool Teaching Hospital

Hailah Othman Habeeb, Thura Abbas Fadhel, Bushra Mahmood

58 - 62

Serum Immunoglobulin G and M Levels in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children

Sawsan M. Jabbar AL-Hasnawi, Abeer Thaher Naji AL-Hasnawi, Mays Amer Noori

78 - 86

Picky Eating among Preschool Age Children in Baghdad Province

Waleed Khalid Ibraheem, Waleed Arif Tawfeeq

96 - 103

Association of Sleep Disorders and Mood State with Dopamine and Serotonin Levels in Alcoholism: A Psychological Comparative

Majd Dameh, Shahd Emad, Duha Mahdi Hussein, Dhafer Rahman Al-janabi, Mahmood Al-Mualm, Badralbdoor Salah Altamimi

114 - 121