1. To provide a platform for the dissemination of innovative strategies and best practices for promoting psychological and social rehabilitation.
  2. To explore the intersection of psychological, rehabilitation, and social science research and their potential impact on individuals, families, and communities.
  3. To foster collaboration among researchers, clinicians, and community members in the development and implementation of effective interventions for psychological and social rehabilitation.
  4. To highlight the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to addressing the complex and multifaceted nature of psychological and social rehabilitation.
  5. To encourage the integration of research and practice in promoting psychological and social rehabilitation, and to bridge the gap between theory and application.
  6. To promote awareness and understanding of the unique needs and experiences of individuals with psychological and social challenges, and to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with these conditions.
  7. To contribute to the development of evidence-based guidelines and standards for psychological and social rehabilitation interventions, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of care and outcomes for individuals and communities.

Published: 2023-05-06

The Development And Psychological Of An Exercise Management Model For Elders Operating In Bangkok

Jarosporn Pussakham, Pram Inprom, Saowalee Kaewchuay, Oam Toaj


Impact of Prolonged Mental Torture on Housewives in Middle Class Families

Deshmukh Ajay, Kshirsagar Sharad, Kawal Preet Singh, Shruti Sharma

01 - 07

Suicidal Tendencies among Teenagers Psychho Sociological Factors Impacting Upon the Psyche

Mahapatra Siddhant, Deshmukh Ajay, Kshirsagar Sharad, Abhishek Mishra

08 - 14

Psycho-Sociological Impact of Social Websites Influence on Inter-Personnel Interactions and Behaviour

Shidhore Nikita, Deshmukh Ajay, Kshirsagar Sharad, Navneet Rawat, Nisha Nandal

15 - 20

Onset of Mental Illnesses with Aging - Special Concerns for Aging Individuals Living Alone

Kshirsagar Sharad, Deshmukh Ajay, Priyanka Purohit, Smriti Tandon Gupta

28 - 33

Factors Influencing Adolescent Mental Health Especially in Terms of Self-Esteem and the Impact of Peer Pressure

Sharma Bhawana, Deshmukh Ajay, Kshirsagar Sharad, Sachin Ghai, Naveen Nandal

34 - 39

Exploring the Newer Horizons of Online Therapy – Its use and Effectiveness

Sharma Bhawana, Kshirsagar Sharad, Deshmukh Ajay, Amjad Ali

40 - 47

Impact of Anxiety Disorders on Daily Functioning of an Individual – in Terms of Family, Social life, School and Work

Mahapatra Siddhant, Kshirsagar Sharad, Deshmukh Ajay, Girish Lakhera, Naveen Nandal

56 - 63

Long Term Impact of Childhood Trauma on Adulthood Experiences

Kshirsagar Sharad, Deshmukh Ajay, Anuj, Dinesh Chandra Pandey

71 - 78

Childhood Behavioural Disorders – Diagnosis and Therapy among Poorer Sections of Society

Pattnaik Aneesha, Deshmukh Ajay, Kshirsagar Sharad, Ajay Sharma

85 - 90

Evaluating Dreams and Analysing Emotional Situations among victims of Childhood Abuse

Kshirsagar Sharad, Deshmukh Ajay, Sweta Chauhan, Kartikeya Raina

91- 97

Connecting People, Environment and Spirituality: Reflections upon the Possession Syndrome

Deshmukh Ajay, Kshirsagar Sharad, Indrajit Patra, Praveen Singh

98 - 105

Diet: Physiological, Psychological, and Spiritual Growth

Kshirsagar Sharad, Deshmukh Ajay, Ajay Sharma, Devyani Rawat

106 - 110

Work Satisfaction as a Function of Self Esteem and Self Expression at Work Place – An Analytical Study

Shidhore Nikita, Kshirsagar Sharad, Deshmukh Ajay, Anupama Singh, Naveen Nandal

117 - 121

Treating Schizophrenia with Psychodynamic therapy among Elderly Patients

Deshmukh Ajay, Kshirsagar Sharad, Himanshu Kargeti, Bijesh Dhyani

131 - 138

Impact and Psychological Effect of Work Life Balance Initiatives and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour with Reference to Select Banks in Andhra Pradesh

Venkateswara Rao Podile, Naga Krishna Vamshi.D, Shaik Mohiuddin, Pabbisetty Varshith, Gundebommu Rohith

152 - 159

Coin-Art Learning Model Development in Visual Arts for Psychological Secondary Schools Inclusive Students: A Need Analysis

Punithavili Mariappan, Mohd Zahuri Khairani, Maran Chanthiran, Rozaiman Mohd Noor

184 - 192

Advantages and Positive Impacts of Inquiry-Based Learning on Student Psychology Achievement: A Review

Zamri bin Ahmad, Nor Lisa Binti Sulaiman, Nur Fazilah Binti Salleh, Noraziah Binti Ibrahim

193 - 200

Development of Learning Spaces for Students in the Tourism and Hospitality Professions

Suriya Somchan, Piyaphong Supanyo, Nutchanat Muenchan, Niramol Promnil

219 - 232

The Need for Medical Service of the Elderly and Pre-elderly in Songkhla Province

Theerawat Hungsapruek, Kulwadee Lim-u-sanno, Sirinya Wirunrat, Banpot Wiroonratch

233 - 243

Neuropsychological Implications of Sport-Related Concussions among Young Athletes and Recommendations for Safety

Manimekalai P, Rohan M S, Vinatha MC, Lok Chaitanya Pujari, N Lakshmi Prashanth

270 - 275

The Effect of Government Expenditure on Education and Health on Human Development Index in Boven Digoel District

Agnes Lutherani. Ch. P.Lapian, Een Novritha Walewangko, Dennij Mandeij, Lis M.Yapanto

294 - 300

Measuring Psychological Wellbeing of Entrepreneurial Success – An Analytical Study

Arjun Singh, Somanchi Hari Krishna, Sandeep Raghuwanshi, Jitendra Sharma, Varsha Bapat

338 - 348

Perceived Mental Stress of Faculties and their Methods of Coping with Special Reference to Private Universities

Somanchi Hari Krishna, KDV Prasad, Mamilla Rajasekhar, N. Ashokkumar, Ghanshyam Vatsa, Somanchi Hari Krishna, KDV Prasad, Mamilla Rajasekhar, N. Ashokkumar, Ghanshyam Vatsa

349 - 358

Cryptocurrency and its Psychological Impact on Human Behaviour

Amit Kumar Singh, Vaibhav, KDV Prasad, Meghana Patil, C.A. Suhas Gharat

359 - 368

Analysing the Mental Health and Well-Being of Entrepreneurs

M Nisa, Ved Srinivas, Ridhi Rani, KDV Prasad, Tanmoy De


Mitigation of Physical Risks on Tracks, Cycle Paths and Pedestrian Sidewalks, Caused by Falling of Boulders, Gravel, Sand, Silt and Clay from the Scarp and Crown of the Miraflores Malecon – Lima

Tomás Ezequiel Gallarday Bocanegra, Ciro Sergio Bedia Guillen, José Ronald Vásquez Sánchez, Luis Francisco Díaz Padilla, Cleto Mauricio Vidal López

385 - 391